Add blackify and enlargify buttons to Internet Explorer 7

blackify enlargify

Internet Explorer users have it a little more difficult. I recommend that you skip this explanation and install Firefox. If you don’t want to, you can test these buttons easily to see if you want to go to the trouble of following the instructions below.

To test the blackify button, simply right click it here blackify, select “copy shortcut,” then go to another web site (I recommend wikipedia), paste the shortcut into the address field and press enter. Repeat to test the enlargify enlargify button.

To Add blackify and enlargify buttons to Internet Explorer 7:

  1. In IE7, click the “add to favorites” button and select “add to favorites.”
  2. Type “_Blackify” in the name feild and select “create in Favorites” and click “add.”
  3. Right click this icon blackify, select “save picture as,” browse to your desktop, and select save. Repeat for this icon enlargify.
  4. Right click on the Blackify button above and select “copy shortcut.”
  5. Click the Favorites button , right click on “Blackify” in the dropdown menu, and select “properties.”
  6. Delete everything in the URL field and then type ctrl+v to paste the Blackify URL.
  7. Click in the shortcut feild and type “b.” This makes ctrl+alt+b the shortcut key for Blackifying.
  8. Click the “change icon” button, browse to “desktop,” and select the blackify icon that you saved there.
  9. Click OK. You will get a warning that “The protocal ‘javascript’ does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep this target anyway?” Select yes. If this worries you, see the “how it works” section below. This will not harm, track, or spy on your computer.
  10. Now, ctrl click here to visit wikipediea in a new tab (that way you can keep this page open) and type “ctrl+alt+b” to Blackify the page. Voila, it’s black.
  11. When you’re done, click the Favorites button, right click any favorite, and select “sort by name.” Since you added an underscore before the name of these favorites, they will rise to the top of the list where they will be easier to access.
  12. To install the “Enlargify” button, reapeat steps 1-8, substituting the word “Enlargify” for “Blackify” and make “ctrl+alt+e” the shortcut key.

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1 comment February 17th, 2007 at 11:07amjabago

Add “blackify” and “enlargify” tools to your browser in 2 easy steps (12 steps if you use IE)

The internet has clearly become the most sensible medium for keeping up with the news, technology, and, well, everything. While some people are content to read small black text from a computer monitor all day long, most find that it makes their eyes sore. I’ve found that reading light colored text with a black background (like what you’re reading) greatly reduces the strain on my eyes. Unfortunately, most of the best sites on the web are formatted with black text on a white background. To fix this, I’ve created a couple buttons that will "blackify" and "enlargify" any website.

If you’re using Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Netscape (Internet Explorer users click here), simply drag each of these buttons up to your bookmarks toolbar. If you don’t like them, you can right click on them on your toolbar and select delete. They won’t harm, track, or spy on your computer.

blackify enlargify

Now browse to any website (or click here to go to wikipedia), then click them one at a time. Voila! The blackify button will render the page black with light text, and the enlargify button will enlarge all the text and convert it to an easy to read font.

If you want your blackify and enlargify buttons to include these icons blackify enlargify, you will need to add them to your browser slightly differently. For instructions, click here for blackify and here for enlargify.


How do they work? These buttons each call a JavaScript function that imports a new cascading style sheet (CSS) from the server. The blackify style sheet replaces all background images and colors with black, all text with light grey text, and all links with light orange. The enlargify style sheet increases all text to 24 pixels tall and replaces the all fonts with arial for easy reading. Feel free to download and modify the style sheets and scripts.

I’m also working on some custom blackify and enlarfify buttons that reformat some of my favorite web sites. You can find all of the web tools I create listed here.

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15 comments February 16th, 2007 at 05:51pmjabago

blackify and enlargify initiatives

One of my priorities is to create a “blackify” button for various web sites. A blackify button causes the background of the page to turn black and the text to become light. I find that this greatly increases my ability to read from a page without tiring my eyes. Similarly, I create “enlargify” buttons that increase the font size so that the user can read from the screen in a more comfortable posture (perhaps reclined).

If you frequently read from a particular web site and you find it hurts your eyes, feel free to request a custom blackify or enlargify button for that site by posting a comment on the requests page.

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As a web developer, I’m constantly learning to solve new problems. I have benefited greatly from the open source community, and I am very grateful. This blog is intended to give back to that community. I will be posting solutions on various topics, from web design to the ergonomics of sitting in front of a computer screen all day. I hope you find the information useful and I thank you for visiting.

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